Riley’s Heart

Riley is 10 years old and wants to help shelter animals by making sure they have enough food. She has such a big heart and wanted to do this for the shelter animals, especially during the Christmas season. Therefore, an animal food donation drive has been created for her, perfectly named

“Riley’s Heart”

What she is looking for is:
-Dry Dog Kibble
-Dry Cat Kibble
-Dry Kitten Kibble
-Dry Puppy Kibble
-Puppy Formula (preferably powder as it lasts much longer)
-Kitten Formula (preferably powder as it lasts much longer)
-Wet Cat Food
-Wet Kitten Food
-Wet Dog Food
-Wet Puppy Food

Donation drop off locations are listed on this flyer. Please share this to help this very special little girl’s wish come true!