Clearing the Air

We at the Humane Society of Scott County would like to take a minute to clear the air. There are some miss understandings about how we operate. We are a minimal kill shelter, working very hard to become a no kill. We do not euthanize due to time or space! That has not been done for at least 10 years. Recently we had a Pitbull mix that was at our shelter for a year and 3 weeks before being adopted. We have a big goal that we are close to reaching. We are striving to be a no kill shelter, which by definition a no kill shelter euthanizes less than 10%; again we are close to that goal.

When we say a dog cannot be put on the adoption floor does NOT mean they will be put down. We currently have a couple dogs that did not pass the behavior assessments that have now made it to the adoption floor with restrictions. We have several different options for our animals. We do assessments, we have foster homes, we have project dogs, shelter transfers, we work with several rescues and we have a dog trainer and a volunteer who works with behavior modification on dogs as needed.

We also provide Animal Control services in the Scott County area. We do not turn away stray animals. Yes we do end up with a lot of animals and to prevent euthanizing healthy pets, we may not be able to take in pets being surrendered. Again, just because we are full does not mean we euthanize. We look to other shelters to see if they have space, we run adoption specials and we look to our foster homes. We do not euthanize due to time or space.

We do scan for microchips. We scan when the animal is brought to the shelter and again right before the vet or vet tech does their evaluation. If an animal is behaving aggressively or in a live trap we may have to wait until they calm down to scan them. There are times when a microchip is not found due to the fact that the chip has moved. This is why we encourage owners to come to the shelter to look for their pet. Please make sure your microchip is up to date so you can be contacted.

Please help us to reach our goal, we really would love to become a no kill shelter and again are very close to reaching that goal.

Four Paws and a Tale!

We have been working on a new program “Four Paws and a Tale.” It is for children 5 years or older who would like to come to the shelter and read to the cats. We have provided books that your child can read to the cat or you can bring your own book. We are starting this program on Sundays only and will begin April 17. If you are interested in this program call Suzanne at 563-388-6655 to schedule a time.

Four Paws and a Tale


Special Thank You!

We want to give a special THANK YOU to Veronica Schebler Photography.  She takes all of our adoptable pet photographs that are featured our the HSSC Facebook page and website. You make them look so good and we really appreciate you donating your time and talent.

Here’s a link to her Facebook page and website:


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When you check out, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization.

HSSC benefits when you shop online!

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Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for volunteers to wash and fold laundry, clean, unfold newspapers, participate in cat interaction, data entry and walk the dogs.
We also need volunteers for our Events and Volunteer committees which plan fundraising events throughout the year and interact with other volunteers.
There are lots of opportunities available for any age or physical ability.

Volunteer orientation sessions are held at the shelter the first Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. and the third Thursday of every month at 5 p.m.
Each orientation lasts about 90 minutes from the beginning through the question and answer.