Our History

1902 – Today

We were organized in 1901 and incorporated in 1902. We pledged, “Love, Mercy and Justice to Every Living Creature. I will try to be kind to all living creatures and protect them from cruel usage.”

Our founders championed the rights of horses as they were the primary means of transportation at the time. We placed placards in the local livery stables to announce that we would “… prosecute all those who over drove, neglected, beat or in any manner cruelly maltreated their horses.” We monitored and improved the condition of city streets during the winter months because horses routinely fell and sustained injuries due to icy road conditions.

In 1904, we purchased a “drink-fountain” so that teams of horses and other animals would have access to fresh water within the central business district.

In 1905, the society considered an ambulance for animals. A local doctor agreed to let us use his at no charge; however, there was no team of horses for said ambulance.

In 1906, we supported the noble endeavor of Miss Claire Lunback in her effort to have a law passed making the crime of wife desertion and non-support of family a felony.

In 1907, our animal control officer purchased 150 copies of the book “Black Beauty” and distributed them among area teamsters and drivers.

In 1908, we ruffled the feathers of a certain visiting charity association by making an appeal to the press for assistance on behalf of a needy family. We were advised to “leave off, at once, to meddle with charity cases and limit our activities to animal activities only.” And so we did! We have remained exclusively devoted to animal issues since that time.