Golden Companions

The Humane Society of Scott County encourages affordable pet adoptions for seniors through the Golden Companions program.

Golden Companions is for people 60 years of age and older residing in Scott County.  Participants may adopt a one year or older cat for $30 and a one year or older dog for $50. A questionnaire and contract must be completed to help us match the right animal with the adopter’s needs and lifestyle.

The wonderful fact is most “older” animals (a year old or older) are already house broken, or can be more easily trained.  Older pets usually don’t chew, are calmer and ready for the attention that a senior can give. The companionship of an animal can significantly improve the physical and mental health of pet owners, especially for seniors.  Having a dog or cat can increase social opportunities for older persons to connect with other pet owners.  Walking or playing with a pet can encourage and increase daily exercise and feelings of well-being. The unconditional love given by pets, daily companionship and responsibility for the pet’s care has been reported to make pet owners of all ages feel more hopeful about and satisfied with their lives.




Thank you to the Mary Iva Gittens Knouse Trust for supporting our Golden Companions Program!