In Memory/In Honor

Thank You to these special donors.

In Honor of/Donated by
Diana Anderson & “Lady”
Amy Caves

Roy and Carey Dewitt
Friends at City of Davenport
Rita and Richard Pribyl

Aaron Dunlop/
Patricia Dunlop

Abby’s 12th birthday/Jenny Kayser
Viola Caporale/Gary and Elaine Burkamper
Shawn Eldridge and Kari Martin/Rick Martin
Gavin’s 6th birthday
Katie and Claire Haas/
Michelle Haas

Duty Hawkins/Wendy Kraft
Katie Hoffman/
David Szala

Karen Hornbuckle/Hornbuckle Heating
Tim Keehn
/Dayton and Kathryn Thornton

Paul Lewellan/Katherine Kasten
Harold McCullough/Beth and Michael McCullough
Nancy Orlich for her work at John Deere in 2014/Jeffrey and Karyn Bell
Presley’s 3rd birthday/Laurie Nelson
Jeff Roggensack/Darlene Tilton
Christina Springmeier
/Andrea Springmeier

In Memory of:

Linda MacDonald: 2/2/1945-3/31/2019.

Loving Wife, Mother, Sister and Animal Lover

Linda and husband Chad adopted several dogs throughout their lives.

Their dogs Heidi, Mattie, and most recently Luther all had great lives in the MacDonald household.

Linda also served on the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Scott County for several years.

Her actions showed a great understanding of the humane treatment of animals.

Linda will definitely be missed! 

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Leallen “Bud” Ahrens

Barbara Kimler
Denise Ormsby

Rollie Allen/Troy and Stephanie Allen
Ray Bauwens/Ann Schroeder
David Bendickson/Marty Bendickson

Vera Bennett
Richard Duchossois

Karen Shapley

Betty Bicknell
David Baker

Tracey Kuehl
Marty and Karla Larson
Terry and Wendy Skahill
Dave and Judy Treimer

Jeannette Blick
Steve and Jacky Duffy

Christine MacDougall
Tracy and Jack McNealey
Sharrel and Don Valley

Jeanne Brooks/Shirley and William Homrighausen

Duane Brown
Dean Anderson

Janice Carroll
Shelley DeSilva with Kerry Condon
Daniel and Lisa Niemi

State Farm Insurance

Dean Burmeister
Jan Harper
21 donors and the Burmeister Family

Carole Collins
Judith Belfer

Gregory and Clare Gadient
John Holmgren

Kurt and Barbara Krajewski
Connie Rasid
James and Jane Richardson

Mildred Dain/Christine Moriarty

Velma Ehlers
David Armstrong

Rhonda Golden
Brenda Schmidt

Dennis Fuessel/Kelly Elg
Mifflin Funk/Ann Schroeder

Sally Grueber
Jeff and Julie Adair

Donald and Marelu Anderson
Ronald and Connie Aust
Sherry Burmeister
Jeanne Christensen

Ryan and Catherine De Barr
Mary Jane De Bow
Ardith Derby
Patricia Dominacki
Jay and Sally Duncan
Craig and Karen Ford
Glen and Carrie Hummel
Daniel and Susan Iossi
Duane and Nancy Iossi
Mary Jennings
Loren and Mary Ann Kling
Gary and Joy Kracaw
Lake Odessa Cabin Owners Assoc.
Shirley Lucas
Teresa Marxen
Kevin and Elaine Mundt
Frederick and Arlyce Musal
National Association of Letter Carriers

Joseph Peisch
Patti Puck
Caroline Puckett
Mathew and Jill Schmitzer
Donald and Nettie Sorensen
Diane Stanger
Joseph and Shirley Stuckel
Marilyn Swanson
Gail and Suzette Vance
Steve and Jeanne Virag
Jackie Wessell
Frances Wilson
Patrick and Julie Zogg

David Herington/Thomas Rhomberg 
Grace Howell/Sandra Evers

Penny Hughes/Margaret VanFossen

Patrick Huinker
Richard and Veronica Pianca

Beverly Quinn
Pat Quinn

Jack Lindaman
Matt and Tracy Lindaman

Owen Popelka
Koryn Ries

Carol Maher/Co-workers of Molly Maher
Aunt Martha/Neighbors of Pat and Sandy Sprague

Dusty Meier
Steve and Kathleen Anderson
Mark and Laurie Cahalan
Jim and Patricia Englander

Gary and Una Englund
Annette and Frank Horvath
James and Gladys Lundquist

Michael and Cheryl Meyer
Robert Otten
Mary and Roger Williams
Steve and Mary Yenger

Sophie Muller/Caroline Kimple

Trudy Oliver
Vicky Farrington-Howrey

Anita Lister
Floyd and Jane McKenzie

Jean Wolfe
Mary Zuber

James Plagman
Verna Denger

Elizabeth Glynn
Mike and Diane Glynn
Nick Glynn
Mary Gordon
James and Elsie Grisolano
Sandy and John Hoelzen
Gloria Leander
Mike and Shari Martens
Linda Ofner
Martha Otte
Helen and James Riedesel
Margie Thiering
Dolores Tracy
Spencer and Angila Tracy
Joanne Updegraff
Richard Winnow

Chuck Ruhl/Donald and Kathleen Sitz
John Sahessen/Kathy Carlson
John Schesser/Gerald and Kathy Warner
Velma Schricker/John and Debby Schricker

Lissi Shaff
Stephanie Burrows
Ralph Eucher
Sara Garside
Joan Houston
Jean Koss
Debra Jayne
George and Laura Joseph
John and Ellen Lamale
James Langeness
Michael Marshall and Shannon Gontz Holz
Bruce and Randa McAlpine
Rachel Nguyen
Norma Nissen
Christopher Payne
Jeff Roder
Roy Swift
Susan and Carl Voss
Barbara Willoughby
Emogene Wilson
M.A. and R.L. Woollums

Lewis Shuh/Jo Marie and Greg Bates
Cheryl Smahaj/Mid American Energy Employees

Linda Steffen
Arnold’s Body Shop
William Ashton

Jeffrey and Vicki Bert
Jolita and Jeff Brotherton
Jane Campagna
William and Sheila Ehlers
Stephen and Kimberly Haluska
Hawkeye Construction
Henderson Family
Troy and Sandra Hovey
William and Cindy Kill
John Kraciun
Jay and Lisa Lofgren
Patty Lotspeich
Clare Montgomery
William and Patricia Nicholson
Robert Oliveto
Carrie O’Neill
Kathy Petersen
Douglas and Beverly Petersma
Tami Schadel
Smithfield Farmland Corp.
Linda Squires
Christopher and Danielle Witcanak
Nancy Youngbauer

Eva Strevel
Daniel and Barbara Hislop

Timothy and Deanne Kremer
Fredrick and Mary Wierengo

Sharon Theiring
R. Heumann

Heather McCoy

Dean Washburn
Janice Kuehl
Marge and Al Sebille

Stacey Webster/Carrie Teager

Mrs. Ralph C. “Tentie” West
Mark and Mary Jo Abbott

Pamela Arndt
Peter and Kim Benson
Karen Brooke
Kenneth Conlon
John Decker
Sue Decker
David and Jenee Dettmann
Mary Jo England
Dennis and Kathy Fox
Daniel Gavin
John and Heather Gosma
Ann Green
Jim and Barbara Groenenboom
Steve and Julie Hamilton
Jack and Gwen Hudson
Thomas King
Barbara and Erling Larson
Judith Mickel
Robin Mickel
Richard and Lucia Moore
Robert and Emily Navarre
Vera and George Nickolas
Quad City Bank & Trust
Vic and Kathleen Quinn
Thomas Roederer
Kay Rosene
Josephine Schaefer
Elizabeth Schwab
Lynn Simmons
Donald and Kathleen Sitz
Emilie Stichnoth
William and Marie Ruhl Tank
George Thompson
Judy and Fred Thorne
Jim and Diane Tiedje
Joanne Updegraff
Vette Girls Fund-Oshkosh Area Community Foundation
Charles VonMaur
James and Terese Watson
Margaret Youngberg
Jane Zanuth Crone

Steven Whiteside/Yuvawn Fluharty

Dorothy Wince

Tim and Pat Grady
Marilee Kuntz
David and Kathleen Latta
Catherine Meyerhoff
Larry and Vicki Pavalec
Judy Swails
Keith and Stef Swails

Jeffrey Wood
Laura Atwell

Jean Baker
Steven Blanck
Nathan and Melissa Boals
Mary Beth Davis

Donald and Ann Marie Erickson
“Give An Hour”- Barbara VanDahlen
John and Joan Gustafson
Donna Hartman
Heartland Financial
Dennis and Margaret Hein
Jayne and Gary Kamp
Jeffrey and Sharon Ryder
Tyson Foods
Wells Fargo Bank
Rob and Ellen Wisely
Christy Wood

In Honor of Pets
“Bix”/John and Jessie Thiel

“Bonne” “Franny” and “Chloe”/Charles and Mary Doss
“Gus” Caldwell/Karen and Paul Caldwell
“Heidi Marie”/Maxine Strunck
“Lexus”/Loretta Gamble

In Memory of Pets
“Baby Boy”/
Mildred Lantz
Pamela Arndt

“BC” Black Cat/Larry Johnsen
“Bright Eyes”/Diane Brugger
Patricia Hughes

“Cinnamon”/John DeFloth
Cynthia Bottrell

“Heidi” “Sadie” and “Lacey”/Karol Donaubauer
“Hulee”/James and Colleen Detter
“Larry” Looney/Shari, Lori, Phil and Brad Cole
“Mau-Mau” “Shaba” “Hasani” and “Cleo”/Carolyn Merrill
“Max”/Jo Nicholson
“Olson”/Ed and Sheryl Lammers
“Pepper” Sager/Clint Sager
“Rascal”/Merle Norman Cosmetics
“Ziggy” and Garvin Mayhew/Garvin and Gaycha Mayew