Trippa Fund

Give Adoptable Pets a Chance to Go Home!

Medical care costs for treatable health related problems can keep loving, life-long animal companions from being adopted. Some pets pass our behavior assessment but are passed over by potential adopters because the pet needs dental work, has a chronic disease such as diabetes, an infection that can be cured or an injury that can be repaired.   Donations to the Trippa Fund provide funds needed to care for these animals and give them the chance they deserve to leave the shelter in the arms and hearts of a forever family.

Lily and sister“Lily’s” story brought tears to the eyes and smiles to the lips of our shelter’s Facebook friends. When we found her in a crate near our Dumpster on a cold morning in February, she was severely injured, cold and scared. We frequently tap into our Trippa Fund to give Lily, and pets like her, the care needed to recover and find a fur-ever home. Please give to give a pet a second chance.


“Winter” works as a therapy dog on three healthy legs and paws. Winter at homeYorkie “Dallas” got the dental care he needed. THANK YOU PAST TRIPPA FUND DONORS! 


YOU CAN YOU HELP more adoptable pets like “Lily,” “Winter” and “Dallas.” Designate your online donation to the Trippa Fund, call our shelter at (563) 388-6655 or mail your donation to HSSC, 2802 West Central Park Ave., Davenport, IA 52804.

Meet Trippa

Trippa and her Pet Parent Debi Cleveland

“Trippa” came to us as a stray, limping on her right hind leg.  Although the friendly rat terrier/Jack Russell terrier mix had no microchip and no one came to claim her, we knew somebody must have loved the little stray because her nails had been painted pink.

A trip to the veterinarian did not bring good news.  Her leg was shattered beyond repair and required amputation at an estimated cost of $400 to $500 for the surgery.  To make matters worse, Trippa was diagnosed with Parvo, a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus.

But “Trippa” is a fighter! She recovered from the virus and her young body began to heal itself.  Although she will always walk with a limp, the veterinarian recommended against surgery and our little terrier went to her fur-ever home on all four legs with her new pet parent Debbie Cleveland!

Not all of the sick and injured animals who come to the shelter are so lucky.  The fund established in her name and honor helps us care for these unfortunate little ones until they are healthy enough to be adopted by a loving pet parent family.

Thank you to our Trippa Fund donors!

Mike Backstrom – in memory of “Rocky”
Michelle Beck
Mary Behrens
Jennifer Belby
James Bennett

In memory of Thomas Bell
Victor and Sharon Bianchetta
Bruce and Laura Carter
Michael and Carol Cather
Margaret Dreyer
David and Kathleen Lewis
Cindy Staebell
Shirley Taylor

Barbara and Frank Bockenfeld
Mary Campbell
Car Freshener Corp. – in memory of Shirley Olive
Deborah Cleveland
Lisa Crews
Christy Crouch
Christine Curless
Lynn Day
Vicki and Maurice Debachere
Mike DeWitte – “The Barrel House”
Chuck and Mary Doss
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Sheila Gosa for “Fancy”
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Kathy and Kevin Holle
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Suzanne Kerr
Kathi Klemme
Ed Lammers
Amy Loter
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Katherine McCarthy
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Pat McKeown
Tom McGuire
Al and Pat Mehlhouse – in memory of our faithful loving dog “Lady”
Richard and Elizabeth Melton
Carmen Minor
Julia Natvig
Ray and Sheila Nelson
Maureen O’Harra – in memory of “Starshine”
A. Christine and Robert Perry
Joan and Steve Petersen
Phoenix Closures, Inc.
Debbie and Douglas Rowley
Fran Sawyer
Debbie Schmidt – in honor of Hug Your Cat Day for “Constance”
Suzanne Shuman
Tara Sitrick
Carol Snay – in honor of Dawn Teague
Linda Spaulding
Patrick Stoffers – in memory of Helen Riessen
Sara and Joe Suttles
Tails of Joy – in memory of John Totemeier
Pat Tiecke-Collins
Mrs. Edwin Vensland
Pamella and Mark Wells
Pamela Whisker
Barb Winegarden
Don Wolfram – in memory of “Willie” and “Retta”
Pamela and William Wuestenberg
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