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All cats available for adoption at the Humane Society of Scott County are up to date on all vaccinations including rabies and have been tested for feline leukemia and dewormed. Vouchers honored by participating local veterinarians are available to adopters of cats that have not been spay or neutered.

For more information, stop in at the shelter, call 563-388-6655, or email adoptapet@hotmail.com.

The Jack Project

Addisyn Bahls

I’m a sixth grader at Alan Shepard Elementary School.  At school we are starting something called “The Jack Project.” We had a student who had something called SMA, which is Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and his name is Jack.  Unfortunately on February 16, 2010 he passed away.  So Mr. and Mrs. Lindaman are giving $100 to each of the 56 sixth grade students at Alan Shepard.  What we are supposed to do is make a Pay It Forward to some organization or business to help them for a good cause.

What I have decided to do with my $100 is to donate to the Humane Society of Scott County.  I went on their website and looked at their wish list and picked out items, and I bought them with my money, not using the $100.  The reason I’m doing this is because I have a really big love for animals and it makes me sad when I see dogs, cats, bunnies when they are sick and are in poor condition.

I think this is a good choice because the people there already do so much for the animals.  For me to do a couple little things for them might make a big difference. Also the animals have gone through a lot and deserve to have a home where a person will love them.

What I think the Humane Society will gain from this is a lot of hope, hope that the animals won’t have to die and find a nice place to live where they can be safe, and not have to worry about getting enough food to eat.  Maybe a more likely chance of adoption as well since they will be in better condition and care.  Mostly by having more supplies to tend for the animals to be healthy and fit.

In conclusion I want to donate $100 to the Humane Society and give them supplies from their wish list.  I’m jumping with joy about this project because just knowing that I’m helping the animals get better makes me feel like I can make a difference. – Thank you, Addisyn

Rickeyia Gaines

For The Jack Project or my Pay It Forward I am going to buy supplies and volunteer for the Humane Society of Scott County. For the Humane Society, I’m going to buy toys, food and other things they might need. I want to do this because I love animals and it hurts me to see animals without an owner or family. I think this idea is great because it would make me happy to see all the smiles and tails wagging. I would gain the satisfaction of making people and animals happy.

In conclusion, I would love to do more but there is only so much a person can do.  And being able to see the smiles or tail wags for what I did is awesome. I’m so glad to be able to do this. And what I learn from doing this is that it doesn’t matter what’s the size of the thing you do only the lasting effects are. – Thank you, Rickeyia


Abby Wellman

Jack Lindaman was born with SMA and unfortunately passed away in February 2010 when he was in firt grade.  I have never met Jack, and I know I never will. But some of my classmates have and they say Jack was a really nice kid.  I believe he was because Jack Lindaman’s parents are giving each student in the sixth grade at Alan Shepard $100 for us to do a pay it forward to a cause that is close to our hearts and that is exactly what I plan to do.

For my pay it forward I am doing the Humane Society of Scott County because animals a big part of mine and my family’s lives.  I have two dogs at home that I cherish and love.  My dogs are healthy, well fed and have a home until they are gone and out of this world.  I want to help the Humane Society get everything they need and maybe eve a little bit more for those animals without a loving home.

I believe that giving to the Humane Society of Scott County is a good idea because animals are people too. They need to be fed, have a shelter, kept clean, dry and warm and they need to be cared for.  But most of all, they need a home with people that care about them and their welfare.

I am planning to get blankets, towels and toys for the Humane Society. The blankets are to keep the animals warm in their cages and in places around the shelter.  The towels are to dry the animals off after they have gotten bathed. Lastly, the toys will be for all animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and more.  I will do everything I possibly can to help the Humane Society workers and animals so they can be healthy, warm, dry and can have fun.

In conclusion, this pay it forward is close to my heart. I love animals and would like to be a veterinarian when I grow up. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lindaman for giving us this opportunity. – Thank you, Abby

Josey Buekes

The shelter is a very good choice because they help animals in need.  The Humane Society of Scott County found an injured dog in a crate near the Dumpster behind their shelter on a cold February morning.  She’d been hit by a car and was severely injured.  Her tail and back paw had to be amputated.  The dog, now named “Lily” has, thankfully, found a loving, forever home.

I think that the money will help humans in the long run, not just animals. If the shelter closed down due to insufficient funds, what would happen to the stray animals wandering about? We don’t want poor, innocent animals to die, do we?

So that is why I am choosing the Humane Society of Scott County to receive $100 so they can continue to work hard and keep the shelter, and its four-legged friends, up and running.  – Thank you, Josey