Your New Pet

CatAdoptionThank You for Choosing Shelter Pet Adoption – the Loving Option!

We hope that you and your family will enjoy many happy years making memories together with your new pet!

Our shelter health technician and kennel staff work with local veterinarians to evaluate, treat, and keep the animals in our care healthy.  We do not have a veterinarian on staff. Take your adopted pet to a veterinarian of your choice within four days of the adoption date for a physical exam and any necessary vaccinations or tests at your expense. If the pet is ill, you may return it to the shelter immediately for a refund of the adoption fee or select a different pet. If you choose to keep the pet, the cost of the treatment will be at your expense.

Keep your adopted pet quarantined from other household pets until the new pet has received a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. Introduce the healthy pet slowly over a period of time to pets already living in the home. Select a neutral place for the pets to get acquainted.

To ease the introduction of your pet into your home, we recommend crating your pet while you are away. This facilitates housebreaking, minimizes destructive behavior and provides a safe haven for your pet from household hazards and other pets during and after the quarantine period. Toys and chews may be placed in the crate to help keep your pet happy and comforted.

Consider a flea bath/dip for your adopted pet before the pet is allowed to explore your home. Flea infestation is an inherent fact at many shelters due to the significant numbers of animals received.

If your adopted pet is over 6 months of age, you must have the pet spay or neutered within 14 days from the adoption date. If the pet is under 6 months old, the pet must be altered 2 weeks after the pet turns 6 months old. Spay or neuter of your pet is mandatory! The cost of neutering/spaying is included in the adoption fee or covered in full or in part by the spay/neuter voucher presented to a participating local veterinarian from our list within the required time limit.

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