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Dante, Adopted by Stephanie

This is Dante. He was known as Turtle when he was at the shelter. He was adopted July 2016. We were told that he had been returned several times due to his high-energy nature. He loves to run and play, and gets so very excited to meet new friends! We had actually come that day to get a pug that was available, but while waiting for another family to meet the pug, we were encouraged to browse the kennels. My husband stuck his hand in to scratch him, and Dante was so excited he flopped into it and trapped my husband so he couldn’t stop the pets. We decided to meet him outside the kennel, and fell in love with his energy and playfulness. He gets along great with our other animals, and actually taught our dog how to be a dog (she’s also a rescue and her best friend was a cat, so she acts hilariously cat-like). I’ll admit, he can be a little energetic sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world!-

Chico, Adopted by Kristin

We adopted Chico from you when my daughter was around 1-1/2 years old. You guys said he was about 1-1/2 too, so my daughter has always told everyone they have the same birthday 😊😊 In the first picture, my daughter is 3, and in the 2nd one, she is almost 9, but they’ve been together for about 8 years. His adoration for her is unwavering and unconditional, and vice versa. We rescue all our animals, and they are all special, but I knew the moment I walked into the shelter back in 2010, that Chico was our man, and he instantly fit with our family. We love him so much and can’t imagine our lives without him!- Kristin

Shade, Adopted by Kendra

This is Shade. I saw her on you’re Facebook page one day and instantly knew she belonged in our home. We went to meet her and she was so anxious, but she stopped to give me a kiss. We brought her home 2 days later, and she instantly made herself at home. She was doing her trademark “butt run”, and jumping up to my head. She crawls under the blankets in bed, and will not sleep until you put you’re arm around her. She has been with us for over a year now. I was never really a dog person, then I met shade. We didn’t save her life, she has saved ours.- Kendra

Livee, Adopted by Donna

This is our beautiful Iivee! Chocolate was the name your shelter had given her. The day my husband and I came down we were interested in a Daniff puppy your shelter had listed . We own a Daniff and a Great Pyrenees mix now and could add another giant dog . When we got there the waiting list was long and we knew we didn’t have a chance so the lady asked us to go back and take a look at all the others. I remember entering the back and saw the Daniff right off the back . Played with him a little and wished him well then started to walk down the row petting and greeting all the beautiful faces. I became overwhelmed and started crying . I wanted to give them all a home. We finally came to iivees pen. She was in the back laying on a towel and wouldn’t come up. No matter how much I talked to her she would not come forward . I’ve raise hunting dogs all my life so I’m real partial to hounds . So we moved on . We came to a lab mix , very playful . We were going to ask the lady if we could meet the lab mix. As we were walking out out of the back came a huge howl. I turned to my husband and said “look the hound wants us to come back.” So we did . She reached under and put her paw in our hands and I knew right there I was not leaving her another night here. She’s was labeled an escape artist and was not labeled good with with who ever returned her other dog. It took us about five months to earn her trust. She has escaped from us a few times but now she has made our family her home. She knows now we will never leave her side . Best decision we ever made but in the end it was her that did not let us walk out without her. She choose us . She will be loved till the day that rainbow bridge calls her .- Donna