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Lily and sisterHumane Society of Scott County kennel workers found this beautiful girl in a crate near the Dumpster behind our shelter on a cold winter’s morning in February 2015. She had been hit by a car and severely injured. Still, she licked the hands that tried to help her. Her tail and her back paw had to be amputated. But that didn’t keep “Lily” from finding her loving, forever home. Her new pet parent says she’s living on easy street. Photos submitted of “Lily” lounging with her ‘sisters’ tell the tale. We’re so happy that we were here to give this dog the second chance she deserved!


MykaI adoped Myka (formerly named Layla) from the shelter back in September 2014.  I think she is really a gazelle in hiding as a dog because she can run and jump ridiculously fast and high.  She had been at the shelter for 4 months and I was told she had some aggression issues with toys, food, and other dogs.  I already had two dogs but I really wanted to take her home. We spent 8 weeks retraining her using treats, muzzles (for all three dogs), and kennel time.  She is now integrated into the household and no longer has issues with toys, food, or the other two canine kids.  I think for some dogs, they just need to know they are loved, have a home, plenty of food, and safety.  Myka is an absolute darling and I am very happy to have adopted her and taken the time to work with her on her issues.  I am not saying everything went smoothly all of the time, but she progressed better than I had hoped.  I would encourage anyone serious about adopting to take the time to look at the ones with issues because some of them have issues because of how they were treated previously.  And, what they really need is a forever home with lots of love. – Rita

“Libby”  Libby

We adopted Libby in the Spring of 2008.  You could say she adopted us.  She is such a great dog and a wonderful addition to our family.  We can’t imagine not having her.  Even my elderly father (who is NOT a pet person) couldn’t help but fall in love with her. – Debbie Heitman


UnoI adopted Uno from you a few years ago and she has been the blessing of my life so far. She is perfect in every way. Sweet, playful, obedient, protective and a world of fun. She loves getting dressed in all her clothes (especially her Patriots jersey) and hanging out on the couch watching movies. She is a huge cuddle bug and I couldn’t thank you enough for bringing us together. – Deanna Seibel



This is my fluffy bear “Bella”. We adopted her from the Humane Society of Scott County about 10 years ago.  She was at the shelter for a long time and wasn’t showing well.  She had a few issues when we brought her home but settled in fine and has been one of the best dogs we’ve every had! Everyone wants to take her home now! – Cathy Schrupp








Fargo and I have been together for almost two months now and I’ll be honest, he’s been the best companion I could ask for. He is about as good of a dog that anyone could have. Even though I don’t have any kids he is awesome with all the neighborhood kids, and they all love him. His favorite place of course is the dog park, where he’s made an awesome group of friends! I honestly can’t say enough about him! If it wasn’t for your staff pointing him out I would have never found him. Someone would have adopted him by now I’m sure, but it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. Thank you! – Anthony Nelson





Daisy and her sisters

“Daisy” (center, Blue Heeler) is so happy in her new home and the other girls seem to very much like her.  We discoverd she is afraid of the dark so she has a nightlight! She is a very smart, loving girl.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. – Eric and Sharon Deitz




“Drake” was adopted from the Humane Society of Scott County four years ago.  He is a fantastic dog who is unbelievably smart, fun, and quite the character.  Thank you so much for rescuing him from the streets of the Quad Cities and saving him for me!  Our family wouldn’t be the same without him. – Heather Higgins Nekola




ManateeThanks for letting us bring “Manatee” to our family.  She joined us a year and a half ago. – Steve Jones