Even More Adoption Stories!


“My boyfriend and I adopted “Bud” shortly after my father and stepmother passed away.  I knew when I saw him he had to come home with me.  I loved him instantly!  He adjusted so well to our home – a huge back yard, a kitty to play with and all these toys!  Everyone looks down on pitbulls as being aggressive. Bud doesn’t have a mean bone in his body!  He cuddles me all night.  He’s by my side every minute of the day.  He knows when I’m upset and licks my face – his way of saying  ‘I love you, Mom.’ I’m in love with him! – Brooke Kelsay
Moose“We adopted “Moose” three months after adopting “Bud.” Moose had panic attacks at first.  I would just cuddle up to him on the floor, sing to him and calm him down.  After two weeks, the attacks stopped.  He knew this was his home.  He’s a funny guy.  He always wants to lick your face.  He sits and shakes and he’ll give you his paw until you get tired.  When it’s time to feed him he brings you his bowl.  If he wants to go for a walk he brings the leash but if he just wants to go outside he brings my shoes.  He’s a blanket hog and the best friend a girl could have!” – Brooke Kelsay




“Dax” is my little velcro dog – everywhere I go, Dax thinks he needs to go, too. We walk for an hour every morning and we do lots of learning games.  He sits great on every corner and he’ll wait until I tell him it’s OK to start walking again.  He’s doing SO fantastic that we took a trip to the local dog park and I let him off leash.  Every time I called him he came running straight to me.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.  He’s so smart and sweet and he’s enriched our lives more than you know. – Grace, Brian and “Dax” Gilfillan




My husband and I adopted “Levi” (formerly “Prince”) after putting our 16 1/2 year old cat to sleep.  We managed two whole weeks without a cat before we went to the Humane Society of Scott County.  Prince came home with us that day.  We didn’t particularly like the name Prince so, in keeping with our Biblical last name, I got the family Bible out and started picking out Biblical names I liked.  Of course, my husband had to approve, as it was my husband who found him in a corner cage all by himself (it was love at first sight!). I got as far as Levi, and that was it.  Here he is experiencing his first Christmas with the family.  As you can see, he likes wrapping paper.  Thank you so much, HSSC, for rescuing Levi off the streets so that we could adopt him.  – Sheli Moses

Big “Alex”, the fellow Ollie and I adopted (from the HSSC) is bonded with our English Spot “Kensington”, also a rescue from a shelter.  Here they are happily sharing a litter box.  We don’t think Alex knew he was a bunny, honestly. It took him quite a while to notice the other rabbits, and they didn’t take to him very well at first. Once he did realize there were other bunnies nearby, he became frantic for companionship. We gradually introduced him to Kensington, and it didn’t take long for them to settle in comfortably. Thank you for helping Alex become part of our family and ultimately Kensington’s soul mate! – Linda C. RIP “Alex”



I adopted an iguana from the Humane Society of Scott County a couple months ago.  She is doing really well!  She has grown a couple of inches, her colors are very bright and she has gotten a lot fatter!  She still is fussy about being held but I’m working on that.  I’m hoping by next year I’ll be able to handle her without gloves. – Morgan Priester




TinkerbellIt’s been over 2 years since I adopted Tinkerbell from the Scott County Humane Society. There is an update from a couple months after I got her on your website, so I wanted to give you the latest information! We now live in Colorado, and she is about a foot longer. If you compare the old photo to this one, you can definitely see how much she has grown.  She is huge!! She lives in a giant tank with her friend Luna. I estimate that Tinkerbell is about 5 years old now. She is a very bright and healthy girl! She still is pretty tense around people, but she wanders freely from her cage without attacking, trying to eat me like she used to!  I’m so glad I got her from you and that I could give her the home she needed. – Morgan Priester



Maisie is a fantastic dog with a huge smile, a cheerful bark and a genuine sweetness and joy for life. Without the kind animal rescue officer who saved her, she would not have had the opportunity to find a new home and we would not have had the chance to laugh and play with her. She came to a home with a two-year-old dachshund named “Josie” who is thrilled to have a companion to play with.  They play tug together, run around our fenced in back yard, and snuggle together in Maisie’s big kennel at quiet time.  She loves to go on walks and is such a sweetheart to everyone she meets, animal or human.  Thank you again for saving Maisie! – Elizabeth Pendleton

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Phoebe.  She loves going to the dog parks on the weekend, sleeping in the bed (as shown here with her new BFF, “Tiny”) and being part of our family.  She gets along with her new playmate, the cats and my 2-year-old son.  She has blended so seamlessly into our family it’s like we’ve always had her.  – Kirsten Brown