More Adoption Stories

“Berta” and “Kip”

I know I’m a bit biased, but it doesn’t get much cuter than this! 2+ weeks into their new home together and Berta (formerly Millie) and Kip (formerly Everest) are loving life. This was a rare moment where Kip wasn’t treating Berta’s ears and tail like his own personal toys. ūüôā I love my HSSC babies! – Jen Smith Belby





Looking through the Humane Society of Scott County website, we fell in love with a dog named “Peggy Sue”.¬† When we went to to meet her she was not adoptable at that time because she came to the shelter starved and very sick.¬† We knew right away because of her sweet, gentle disposition that she was the dog for us.¬† Thanks to the HSSC she was back on the mend in a short period of time and we were able to adopt her.¬† She is now at a healthy weight and has an older “sister” named Sophie who is a Jack Russell Terrier.¬† The two of them love to take walks in the park, play with their toys and take naps together.¬† We can’t imagine life without her.¬† She’s an angel. – Vickie Schafer

We wanted to thank the Humane Society of Scott County for giving us Odin. He has been a total joy and a true companion. He is such a wonderful pup and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.¬† – The Akers Family

“Wrigley” and “Simon”

In May 2011 we adopted “Wrigley” a Silky Terrier from the Humane Society of Scott County.¬† We were looking for a small non-shedding dog.¬† When I met Wrigley, I didn’t feel any special connection to her.¬† Her teeth were bad and I knew there would be some dental problems.¬† So I was really hesitant because I didn’t know if she was “the one”. Then I said, “do you want to come home with us?” Immediately her ears went up, she jumped in my lap and gave me that look.¬† We were hooked and have been so happy with this sweet little dog.¬† So happy that, in January 2012, we added “Simon” a Maltese, to our family!¬† When we got him, he was so skinny we could feel every bone when we petted him.¬† For the first three weeks, he did nothing except sit in our laps and shake.¬† After that, his personality came out and he has been a wonderful pet!¬† He is very loving, an excellent watchdog, and loves to play with Wrigley. – The Rowleys








After over a month of visiting “Blossom” in the kennel, I was finally able to bring her home and she became “Annie”. We started off with some housebreaking woes but luckily being a teacher gave me plenty of time to work with her this summer. She is an incredibly smart dog and quickly learned all of her basic commands. She loves the dog park and antagonizes other dogs into chasing her. She has become my shadow, following me from room to room, and I can’t imagine being happier with any other dog! Thank you HSSC! ‚Äď Megan Bartlett





Flicka is gentle and so loving.  We are so lucky she found us.  Flicka and our daughter are best buds. РJennifer DeReus 







Smith's Siamese from HSSCIn July of 2012 our 22-year-old cat Fatty had been acting abnormally lethargic and so we took him into the vet to get checked out. Inside his mouth the doctor found an aggressive tumor and told me that he would only live a few more weeks. I was devastated. This was my buddy who had been with me since I was an 11-year-old boy.¬† In less than a month, the inevitable time came and Fatty had to be put down. It was impossibly hard to say goodbye but he didn’t deserve to suffer any more. ¬†A few weeks later, my wife and I were driving around on a Saturday and although I was still grieving I mentioned that maybe in the spring I would like to get another cat to help Pretty (Fatty’s companion for 12 years) have a buddy. To cheer me up my wife stopped at your¬†shelter and in the third cat room found the most adorable Siamese kitten (then named Jasmine). She was so playful and rambunctious that we decided to take her home right then and there. Almost a year later, she’s really helped make our home complete. She’s hilariously goofy. She likes to ride in cars and plays in the sink after we wash our hands. She’s the most social and loving cat I think I’ve ever seen. Although we miss Fatty every day, we’re very grateful to whoever rescued Lucy and brought her to you so she could be a part of our family. – Mike Smith


NoraWhen I lost my beloved¬†cat “Baby Love” she took a huge part of my heart and soul. I needed a cat that¬†slept with me every night and loves to be held and¬†snuggle. After about 2 minutes in the third cat adoption room at¬†the Humane Society, a beautiful cat ran and jumped in my arms. I knew she was the one for me. I¬†may have given “Norah” a home, but she rescued me¬†in every¬†sense of the word. She rescued my heart, saved my sanity and is healing my soul.¬† I can’t thank you enough for my sweet Norah! – Sheri Bates