Pet Surrender Options

Before Surrendering a Pet

Please consider these alternatives to surrendering your pet to the shelter.

Veterinary Examination
Owning a pet can be frustrating when they are displaying unwanted behaviors such as digging, scratching, destructiveness or house soiling.  Take your pet to his/her veterinarian for a physical exam.  The behavior may be a result of a health problem.

Spaying and neutering your pet is not only the responsible thing to do to help ensure your pet will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem, but promotes long term pet health and stops unwanted sexual behaviors in both male and female pets as they mature.

Any dog and their owner benefits from obedience training.  The lines of communication between owner and dog can become confused and result in problems.  A professional trainer will help you communicate clearly with your dog and set boundaries.

Just like us, pets need exercise!  A bored pet is far more likely to develop behavior problems than a happily tired pet.  Consider doggie daycare or having a friend or pet sitter walk your dog if you are unable to adequately exercise your pet during the day.

Breed Rescues
Breed rescues can provide a wealth of information about your particular breed and may be able to assist in placing your pet.

If you purchased your pet from a responsible breeder, the breeder is available to you throughout the life of your pet.  If you are having a problem with your pet, contact your breeder.

Contact Us

Please contact the shelter regarding resources for any of the above options.  Our staff is here to help you have a loving and successful relationship with your pet for his or her lifetime! Visit the Contact Page for more information.